Tiki Tank Mock-ups for DMV Registration

We spent some time putting together Photoshop mockups of the Tiki Tank:

Missing from these illustrations:

  • Lighting – Treads and general outlines
  • Shade configuration
  • Actual material textures
  • Rear view with the draw bridge / rear gate
  • Water cannons
  • Hula girl hood ornament


Side view, click for full size:

truck side

Front view, click for full size:

truck front

Becoming the Tiki Tank!!

With the announcement of the theme for 2013, we decided to change the theme and build structure of the truck to become a TIKI TANK; a WW2 era tank made of materials that would be found in a tropical jungle island.

Using tanks diagrams of tanks for inspiration, we drafted up a couple ideas.



Early whiteboard draft


diagram 2


ToorCamp 2012!

Partway through the build, we got a chance to stress test the new upper platform at Toorcamp, a hacker camp out conference.

Lessons learned:

  • The I-Beam support worked great
  • Having DJ’s on the top platform is very difficult to manage
  • People like to jump to music… bad for shocks
Castle Camp @ ToorCamp

Modifications to the vehicle for 2012

In an effort to get more people on the vehicle, we decided to reinforce the top structure and allow people to stand on the upper level. This was achieved by bracing a 8 foot wide I-Beam to the truck frame and using that as a load carrying support.
In addition, the major improvements included:

  • Significantly lighter and more usable drawbridge
  • Larger sound system,
  • Funcional PA system controlled by the driver
  • Improved operating protocols
Playa Palace Build at Crash Industries
Welding the draw bridge support

Complete 2012 Build log at Flickr