Black Rock City Animal Control takes on the Tiki Tank


The members of Black Rock City Animal Control would like to thank the Tiki Tank crew – Divide, Jacqueline, and Seth – for selecting us to be the new owners of the Tiki Tank.

We are incredibly grateful and humbled to have been chosen to carry on the Tiki Tank torch. We recognize that the Tank was built with a tremendous amount of attention to detail and an enormous amount of love, and we will do everything in our power to take good care of this amazing art car and continue to make it a mutant vehicle for all of the Burning Man community to enjoy.

We’d also like to thank Divide, Jacqueline, and Seth for going well above and beyond the call of duty in making this a smooth transition. It’s been fantastic getting to know this crew and we deeply appreciate all the help they’ve given us as we prepare to take the Tiki Tank to playa this year.

We also look forward to meeting other folks who have enjoyed the Tiki Tank in the past. We hope the larger community will help us drive the Tank into the future.

Look for more news from us about our Tiki Tank plans coming shortly. In the meantime, please let all of the unlicensed and un-inoculated bunnies of the playa be warned: Animal Control is coming … and this time we have a TANK!

With much love,

Team Tiki BRCACI