Tiki Tank work 6/28 – 6/30

Friday Tasks:
Home Depot shopping
Clean up at shop to get table saw out
Build rear track assemblies
Door hinge assemblies weld
Mount front hitch
Design Generator box
Transport equipment from divide’s house (lighting, speakers, extra wood, ladder, paint?)
Pacific industrial supply run for metal (after generator box design)
Weld generator box assembly
Finish top turret assembly ~2-3 hours
Gun barrel ideas
Any Sunday tasks that can be started
Mount threaded inserts on drivers side
Clean inside of truck cab
Repair drives rear door lock (make door open again)
Test all speakers, sound, wiring + sort
Design speaker mounts?
speaker + power wiring routing
Test existing LED lighting, inventory
Cur drivers side furring strips + mount
Burlap Everything.
Paint over new raw wood + touch up truck.
Stain furring strips (need to select color after burlap)
Start hanging tiki decorations/blinds/bamboo
Fender supports for track
New Door hinge mock up:
Inventory of last years lighting and sound:
Side view with final turret framing
Materials mockups, seeing how different textures and materials work: